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Young and aspiring Brother and Sister duo Rémy and Esmé are taking the photography world by storm. Their technical skill level in both creative thinking and lighting setups already goes way beyond their years. DIGITAL CAMERA

Esmé Lloyd has creative vision and clever imagery. Esmé is 15 and it is immediately apparent that she is quite a character. The pair, Rémy & Esmé have a studio based in Dorset, of which the focus is firmly on winning commercial jobs. RPS JOURNAL

Esmé Lloyd (15) and Rémy Lloyd (17). Both enjoy a keen interest in music, film and photography, and are equipped for both studio and location work and are actively seeking commissions.

In September 2018 they were both awarded our Licentiate distinction from the Royal Photographic Society. NPhoto

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Meet the teenage brother-and-sister duo taking the photography world by storm

A TEENAGE brother and sister duo with a passion for photography have both been handed a prestigious accolade.

Siblings Remy, aged 17 and Esmé, aged 15 have been awarded a Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), making them licentiates of the society.

They each had to create a panel of ten cohesive photographs and both created "graphic and quirky" collections of commercial photography, largely featuring each other.

The duo each spent a year creating their panels and they collaborate almost exclusively together assisting with lighting

The distinction is recognised worldwide and they hope their recent accolade would give them some validation and attract further commissions

You can view Esme and Remy's work at

Just a quick note to say thank you!!! and amazing photos!!. Very happy with the output and many personally commented on how much they enjoyed working with you. Dorset Plane Pull